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Another 13 Diffuser Oil 4 oz

Another 13 Diffuser Oil 4 oz


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Inspired by Le Labo | Cologne Collection Luxury Oil Fragrances | Diffuser Oil for Cold Air Waterless Diffusers

This luxurious fragrance is a high quality diffuser oil designed to elevate the atmosphere in any home, Auto or Workspace. Elevate the atmosphere of any living space instantly with this tantalizing scent inspired by Le Labo Eau De Parfum.
The woody, powdery and fresh fragrance of Another 13 is an appealing fragrance for women and men. This scent begins with hints of apple, citruses and pear. The notes of moss, jasmine and ambrette fill the heart, while the base is complete with notes from cetalox, helvetolide and ambrettolide.

Top: Pear, Citruses and Apple
Mid: Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Amyl Salicylate, Moss and Jasmine
Bottom: Iso E Super, Cetalox, Ambrettolide and Helvetolide

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CEROD Fragrance Oils are artfully blended to deliver a long-lasting, captivating aroma. Free of Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, & SLES. Our products are vegan, non-toxic, Child & Pet Safe. This fragrance oil is designed for external use only.


CEROD fragrances are made using the finest ingredients possible. By using essential oils & other raw ingredients, we have formulated scents that elevate concentration & leave you feeling clean & refreshed.


Each CEROD Diffuser Oil is highly concentrated & expertly proud developed by master perfumers in the USA.