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Essential Oil Aroma Home Diffuser, Himalayan Salt, 7 Color Lights, 2 Mist 120ml

Essential Oil Aroma Home Diffuser, Himalayan Salt, 7 Color Lights, 2 Mist 120ml

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This oil diffuser is multifunctional to serve not only as an essential oil diffuser but also a cool mist humidifier and nightlight. Moreover, it's also a Himalayan salt lamp. The salt crystals are sealed inside the outer cover, providing natural air ionization through the holes on the top, so you can enjoy the aroma therapy and salt therapy at the same time. The perfect décor piece suitable for bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, office or where you wish!


  • HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP DIFFUSER: The cover of oil diffuser is filled with natural Himalayan salt crystals. The salt releases negative ions, which are known as "Vitamins of the Air". The salt lamp essential oil diffuser gives your home and office a special atmosphere.
  • SMALL AND COMPACT: This 3 in 1 aroma diffuser & humidifier is a perfect choice for you. The 3.5" x 5.5" diffuser can easily sit on your bookshelf, office desk, coffee table, or nightstand.
  • FUNCTION: Fill BPA free reservoir with Water and add 2-3 drops of your desired essential oil. Press the mist button for mist, The light button turns the on light. Long press to turn it off. It features an auto safety shut off if the water tank is empty.
  • SETTINGS: Set the diffuser to Intermittent Mist (6-8 hrs.) the diffuser will mist and pause every 30s. Or set it to Continuous Mist (3-4 hrs.). Light can be set to color changing or one color fixed/off modes. Each color creates a dramatic scene against the pink salt crystals, beautifying any room. The ultra-low 28 DB silent operation is safe for children and pets. It will not disturb your work, sleep, relaxation, or exercise.


  • Color: Wood Grain Base
  • Style: Pink Himalayan Salt Home Diffuser
  • Features: 7 LED ambient lights
  • Power: Power Cord
  • Safety: Auto shut off when water tank is empty

Package Contents: Oil Diffuser, Power Cord, Instructions

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