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HAVANA ROOM MIST 4 oz "Cedar & Spice"

HAVANA ROOM MIST 4 oz "Cedar & Spice"

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Non Aerosol Room Mist Spray - Deluxe Collection - HAVANA - Luxury Scents from Around the World
Inspired by Cedar and Spice

This unique old world scent will transport you to a palm lined cabana on the beach, making it perfect for a relaxing night in or entertaining guests.

Fill any room with an elegant, inviting fragrance in just two sprays. Fix of those problem areas - a teenager's bedroom, the laundry room, that pesky pet area or the bathroom—fixed—with just a few spritzes. Now that's better! Perfect for refreshing and revitalizing a space without the hard work and effort of a deep clean.

About this Item:

  • MADE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Our Luxury Room Spray is more than just any other air freshener for the home. It is a unique blend of luxury aroma therapy and home fragrance, made with fine essential oils that will indulge your senses.
  • NHANCE ANY LIVING SPACE: Freshen your living spaces anywhere! Whether it's your office, or bedroom, our spray is perfect for indoor use, which creates a luxurious atmosphere that only quality fragrances can provide.
  • UNIQUE & LONG-LASTING SCENT: The long-lasting scent of this luxury room spray eliminates unwanted odors, while the essential mist lingers for hours. Now is the time to elevate your home fragrance experience with our luxurious room scents!
  • PERFECT ROOM ESSENTIALS: Every household needs a good air freshener spray, and this is a perfect addition to your collection of bedroom essentials. You can also use it as a linen spray for pillows and sheets.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE AIR FRESHENER SPRAY: This versatile spray can also be used as a bathroom spray, toilet spray, or car spray. You can also add it to your guest room essentials to make your guests feel relaxed during their stay.

Package Qty: (1) Non Aerosol Room Mist - 4 Fl oz

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