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Chauffeur Car Diffuser Refill Puck Bottle - Mountain Spring

Chauffeur Car Diffuser Refill Puck Bottle - Mountain Spring

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CEROD – Mountain Spring - Fresh Collection - Fragrance Oil for Cold Air Waterless Diffusers
SKU: CR-FRS-002-puck

We are making it easy to Refill our CEROD Car Diffuser (CR-DIF-004) with this specially designed bottle. Just Pick your scent favorite scent and screw this prefilled bottle into your car diffuser.

Mountain Spring Diffuser Oil – Feel the trickling freshness of fruity coconut water trickling over cedarwood logs. Gorgeous herbal floral and fruity notes of peach, apricot, orange, lemon, orchid sweet balsam, and anise.
This luxurious fragrance can evoke memories and take you back in time, relax the mind, invigorate the body, & soothe the soul.
Mountain Spring Fragrance Notes
Top: Fruity, Peach, Apricot, Coconut
Mid: Herbal floral, Orchid
Bottom: Sweet balsam, Anise, Powdery notes
About This Item
USE: CEROD Fragrance Oils are designed for use in Cold Air Diffusers. Our oils have been specially crafted to ensure compatibility with cold air diffusers, such as waterless, plug-in and HVAC diffusers. Please be advised that this oil may not be suitable for use in soaps, candles, reed diffusers, perfumes, hair care, skincare, & cosmetic preparations.
HIGHEST QUALITY: CEROD Fragrance Oils are artfully blended to deliver a long-lasting, captivating aroma. Free of Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, & SLES. Our products are vegan, non-toxic, Child & Pet Safe. This fragrance oil is designed for external use only.
MADE IN THE USA: Each CEROD Diffuser Oil is highly concentrated & expertly developed by master perfumers right here in the USA.
LUXURIOUS SCENT: CEROD fragrances are made using the finest ingredients possible. By using essential oils & other raw ingredients, we have formulated scents that elevate concentration & leave you feeling clean & refreshed.

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