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CEROD - Automotive Fragrance Oil Diffuser Wireless - Preloaded with Scent Oil

CEROD - Automotive Fragrance Oil Diffuser Wireless - Preloaded with Scent Oil

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Portable Automotive Luxury Fragrance Oil Diffuser • Pre-Loaded with Turbo Lux Oil • Air Vent Clip Wireless Car Air Freshener -

Elevate your driving or ride share experience with the CEROD Luxury Car Vent Oil Diffuser. This intelligent device is completely automatic and activates and deactivates automatically as it senses your car's movement. Its sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends into your vehicle's interior, offering discreet and seamless scenting. Features 3 intensity settings with color-coded ambient light indicator.

The CEROD Car Diffuser uses ultrasonic diffuser technology and smart features to provide you with a long-lasting, low-maintenance fragrance experience.  

The perfect car accessory for professional ride share drivers, car enthusiasts, or anyone wants to bring a luxury scent experience on the road with them.


  • BONUS SCENT - Unit Comes preloaded reservoir with Turbo Lux Luxury Fragrance Oil.
    Smart tech automatic start and stop function, diffuser is equipped with a sensor that automatically knows when your car is moving or turned on. While your diffuser is powered on, it can automatically sense the vibration of your cars engine. When it senses your car is not powered on for 30 seconds, it will enter Sleep Mode and no scent will be disbursed.
  • Long lasting Charge: Built in 220mAh lithium Battery, will charge in 1 hour. One charge can last up to 45 Days.
  • Scent Personalization: Featuring 3 Unique Scent Intensities, indicated by color Green: Light; Blue: Medium; Purple: Strong. You can now travel with the luxury scents you. Choose from our Hotel Scents, Spa Collection, Tropical Collection and more.
  • Easy set up and Install: This sleek diffuser can be easily installed on to most air vents.

Package Contents: Car Oil Diffuser, USB Cable, Pre-loaded Oil Reservoir (Turbo Lux Luxury Fragrance), Loading Funnel

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