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Turbo Lux Fragrance Oil for Cold Air Diffusers Luxury Car Aroma Oil Scents 4oz.

Turbo Lux Fragrance Oil for Cold Air Diffusers Luxury Car Aroma Oil Scents 4oz.

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CEROD - Auto Collection - Turbo Lux Black Ice Fragrance Oil for Cold Air Diffusers – Chauffeur’s secret weapon - Luxury fragrance specially formulated for automotive diffusers –Jasmine & Musk - 120ml

This luxurious fragrance is a high quality waterless diffuser oil designed to elevate the atmosphere in any car, home or workspace. Enhance your daily drive, ride-share or man-cave experience. A mysteriously enticing scent with just a hint of danger will create an ambiance that delivers supreme results. Jasmine, musk, and lily strut in like stiletto-clad supermodels being chased by woody cedar wood and eucalyptus and cheered by lemon and lavender. Step carefully and stay cool.

Turbo Lux Fragrance Notes
Top: Lemon, Citrus
Mid: Lavender, Lily, Jasmine
Bottom: Musk, Woody notes

About This Item
USE: CEROD Fragrance Oils are designed for use in Cold Air Diffusers. Our oils have been specially crafted to ensure compatibility with cold air diffusers, such as waterless, plug-in and HVAC diffusers. Please be advised that this oil may not be suitable for use in soaps, candles, reed diffusers, perfumes, hair care, skincare, & cosmetic preparations.
HIGHEST QUALITY: CEROD Fragrance Oils are artfully blended to deliver a long-lasting, captivating aroma. Free of Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, & SLES. Our products are vegan, non-toxic, Child & Pet Safe. This fragrance oil is designed for external use only.
MADE IN THE USA: Each CEROD Diffuser Oil is highly concentrated & expertly developed by master perfumers in the USA.
LUXURIOUS SCENT: CEROD fragrances are made using the finest ingredients possible. By using essential oils & other raw ingredients, we have formulated scents that elevate concentration & leave you feeling clean & refreshed.
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